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Why should I register?

The new Parents' Association at PS158 (PA) website offers our school community a central location for all PA communications, activities, and resources; and the convenience of paperwork, make donations, and coordinate our volunteer efforts—all online.


What can I do online?

Once you register, you will be able to:

• Complete and submit all forms online (skip the paper)

• Receive all PA communications

• Make donations

• Sign up to volunteer

• Shop at our School Store

• Get discounts when you Shop Our Partners

• Access content meant for families only


Who will have access to my family information? 
Access to all personal and student information will be strictly limited to the PA Executive Board. All personal data requested and compiled is similar to the old paper forms you have completed over the years. The information entered will not be shared with other families in the school. 
How does the PA use this information?
The PA Board will ensure that the information you share is used only to share upcoming events, manage PA activities, and communicate school-related matters.

What is Membership Toolkit?

Membership Toolkit is a service that provides parent associations with online tools to better manage their work and improve communication. After reviewing many services on the market, Membership Toolkit was selected as best suited to meet our needs.


Does Membership Toolkit have access to my information?
Membership Toolkit only provides the online tools and does not have access to our database or any information that's provided. 






Do I need an account for each student?

No. Only one account is needed per household. All student(s) information is entered when you complete the "Family Information" form. You will list all students in your household only once and link a second parent/guardian so student information can be shared and managed together. 


How should co-parents or co-guardians register?

Typically, one account includes all the students in a household, with 1-2 parents/guardians registered and linked to the same account. To do this, the first parent/guardian who registers will enter all the student and parent/guardian information, and then, give access to the second person. The second person will receive an invitation to register. Each individual listed will have their own login and will receive their own communications. If there are two homes, everything remains the same, except the contact information entered for each parent/guardian under should be entered accordingly.


How do co-parents and guardians share and manage student information?

Co-parents/guardians can share one account, entering student data only once. The parent/guardian that registers first must provide access to the second person in order to link your accounts to the same student(s). The second person will then register to obtain their own login and be able to view/manage the shared account. 


We are co-parents and prefer to manage student information separately.

If there’s a preference that co-parents/co-guardians do not share the same account, then each individual can set up their own account and enter their student(s) information. In this case, there will be two accounts for the same student. The PA may contact you to make sure that the accounts are set up correctly.


How do I change my password?

Go to "My Account", select "Edit Profile". Click on the blue tab "Password"





What is the Family Page?

Once you login, you will arrive at your "Family Page", a personalized page designed to keep all relevant forms and information in a central easily accessible page. It will allow you to stay on top of new information, complete forms online quickly, and help you keep track of completed and pending items. The first section is "Your Information" to enter the required contact and student information. The second section is "New Forms", where all PA forms can now be submitted online. Each time you complete a form and hit "Submit", it will automatically disappear from the "New Forms" section of your "Family Page".  


Which forms are required?

To complete registrations, the "Personal Information" section is required. The only required form is "Photo Release". Other forms are optional.


Do I have to complete all forms?

You do not have to complete all forms. Most forms are optional and will disappear from your "Family Page" once completed. The ones that are not submitted will either expire or remain on your "Family Page". This allows you to come to them later when you are ready to complete a form. You can view or modify submitted forms anytime. 


How do I view and/or edit forms I have already submitted?

Once you submit a form, it will no longer appear on your "Family Page". You can access submitted forms as follows: 


• View/edit completed forms (without payments) --> My Account --> Submitted Forms

• Modify/cancel a submitted form with donation or purchase --> Contact the PA office





Do you accept online donations or payments for purchases?

Yes. Online donations and payments are possible via PayPal.


Does the PA have access to my credit card informaiton?

No, we do not see or store credit card information. When you make a payment online, it is done directly via PayPal. 


Can I donate or pay by check or cash?

Yes. Complete the online form and process checkout by selecting "Donate/Pay by Check or Cash". You will receive an email confirming your pledge, and your donation/purchase will remain pending. Your account will be updated once payment is received and processed. Please allow 2 weeks to process.


How do I send check or cash?

To send a donation or payment in check or cash, please be sure to:

• Make checks payable to "PS158 Parents' Association".

• Place check or cash in a sealed envelope.

• Clearly label "Attn: PA Office" and reason for payment.

• Send in your child's take-home folder OR drop off at the PA office during school hours.

• Allow 2 weeks for your donation/payment to be processed and accounts to be updated.


How can I view or change donations and purchases?

You can:

• View previous donations and orders --> My Account --> Donations & Orders

• Modify/cancel a donation or purchase --> Contact the PA office


How can I view or get a receipt for completed donations and/or purchases?

After a donation or purchase by credit card, check, or cash, you will have access to a confirmation and receipt in three ways:

• Browser will show a confirmation page after completing transaction.

• Receipt sent via email.

• Copies accessible under My Account --> Donations & Orders.


Why does my account show a notice for balance due?

When you make a donation or payment with check or cash, you select "Donate/Pay by Check or Cash" at checkout. The system will give you a notice until the payment has been processed on our end. Once we receive your form of payment, we will do our best to process the payment and update your account as quickly as possible. Please allow at least 2 weeks from the point a payment has been received.



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